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Just a few tips and tricks can help you make a winning profile that will work wonders for your dating life.Cassi Villanueva is a freelance writer and contributing blogger at Catholic Singles.This doesn’t mean making a list of superficial requests, but rather focusing on character and values.

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If you’ve ever been on a blind date, you know about the importance of a first impression.When it comes to the world of online dating, your dating profile is what’s making your first impression.Maybe you’ve decided to finally give online dating a try, or maybe you’re just wondering why your matches aren’t responding to your profile. Don’t whine about your singleness status, about the bad first dates you’ve had lately or about the sad state of politics in your area.There are a few profile-writing strategies to optimize the likelihood of interest from potential matches. Keep in mind the rules of first-date conversation and apply them to how you introduce yourself to strangers online, too. Keep your profile upbeat and focused on all the great things you have to offer and are looking for in a new relationship.Don’t bite the hand that might be feeding you your soulmate. You don’t need to share all your dirty little secrets in your profile, but you shouldn’t use deception to lure dates either. Never list what you’re looking for money-wise or baby-wise in a relationship. Everyone likes “having fun” and would list their musical tastes as “eclectic.” You’re certainly not the only person who “can’t live without oxygen, friends, and family.” Fill your profile with details that reflect you as an individual. Related: Don’t provide a list of dating rules or expectations — unless you don’t want anyone to contact you.

With people spending over an hour and a half a day on online dating apps, your chance of being paired up with true love online is pretty high.

This is a great way to filter out all the people who are just shopping around for short term flings.

Make sure your online dating profile expresses, loud and clear, that you’re here to date someone who aligns themselves with the same characteristics as you.

A picture can speak a thousand words and if you’re covered up, wearing sunglasses, and/or not expressive, that picture is going to fall flat.

The best online dating profile example is one that has a really good quality picture of you as you are. Show your eyes, and consider a full body shot so that those browsing your profile can see that you are confident in who you are.

Born and raised in the south, when she's not writing, she can be found spending time with her husband and four children in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, GA. In fact Online Dating has become hugely popular while increasing in recent years to where experts are estimating that 40% of relationship today start online.