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I have to know that she trusts me and I don’t have to worry about her ever freaking out about me having my own friends and my own social life. She can easily befriend anyone and literally have a conversation with anybody. Then we can spend less time on me trying to make her feel like she’s good enough and more time enjoying each other. A girl who surprises me, by liking things or doing things that I wouldn’t expect from her.

Without this key ingredient, INTPs may struggle to find reasons to value or want to spend time with their partners.

INTPs don’t want their time spent with their mate to feel like little beyond SF indulgences (although they might find that fun for a while, especially early in life).

In the end, INFJs seek a partner who validates their worth and values their ideas, one who truly understands and appreciates their inner world.

Like INTPs, they seek a companion who can convene with them in the world of abstractions and ideas, particularly those related to people and human nature.

That is not to say, of course, that this series will not have some degree of relevance for INTP females or INFJ males.

When it comes to compatibility, male INTPs probably have the fewest options of all the Myers-Briggs personality types.Sure, INFJs are introverts and need time to themselves, but they are not as fiercely independent as INTPs are wont to be.While INFJs are similar to INTPs in their distaste for small talk (i.e., too much talk about S matters), the fact that their dominant function, Introverted Intuition (Ni), is a Perceiving function makes them less agenda-driven and less concerned with “efficient” use of time (the Enneagram type Five speaks to INTPs’ greediness with time).This extreme, all-or-nothing approach to relationships reflects INTPs’ Ti-Fe tug-of-war.In order to find satisfaction in a long-term relationship, INTPs desire a partner who is interesting in regularly joining them in intellectual or philosophical dialogue.This is why INTPs are particularly prone to relational issues associated with narcissism.