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In home settings, these dogs thrive and are both obedient and loyal and make great family guard dogs.

There might not be a better dog breed in the world at protecting your family, and thriving around adults and children alike.The Rottweiler, if not properly trained, is too aggressive of a breed to have around small children.This is one breed we encourage to have professionally trained.The Rottweiler is great with families if brought up properly, and even small children are safe under the right conditions.We have researched and ranked the ten best guard dogs for families, and have brought you that list below.

Make sure, as you look over this list, to continue to research the breed you feel most closely matches your families needs.

The need for intensive and thorough training cannot be overstated.

They are intelligent, and their natural instincts make them want to be leaders.

However, if properly trained, this is certainly one of the best options for protecting a family and their home.

They are described to be one of the smartest dog breeds in the world, and can be trained to be fantastic guard dogs.

To get the most out of this breed, it should be raised early with the family and trained constantly through its growing stages.