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The blossoming of a relationship from friendship to marriage can take years.

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If, for example, you meet a man or woman you are interested in and want to ask them for their phone number or to go on a date, do so in private.Drawing public attention to the object of your affection will result in acute embarrassment.There is no easy way to negotiate the treacherous maze of cultural baggage.It may sound trite, but just being yourself will prove a lot less complicated in the end.Your date may or may not expect you to behave in a “Western fashion,” and be disappointed or confused if you do not.

Likewise, they may try to act in a “Western fashion,” believing this will make you happy.Curtis Seubert started writing professionally in 2008.He has taught writing at universities in the USA and in Japan.Remember, proper dating etiquette is going to depend a lot on the age, gender and cultural awareness of your date.Avoid doing anything that draws public attention to your date: Japanese culture emphasizes modesty and blending in.Steer clear of public displays of affection, especially on the first date.