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I understand that the material makes the material particularly reflection and glare, so trying to arrange the lights that they have corrected the situation. That now looks like a picture without finishing in Photoshop: Here is a screenshot of the scene and the setting of the material: I need a plastic like this: I'm just not sure what to make of reflection? Just curious to know how the others, because the novice is difficult to remember all the materials settings (blend, falloff, noise, 2side).

I look floor materials and wallpapers - this is not just some diffyuz, Reflect and bump.

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The station was produced by CBS Radio as part of its Free FM format, and The Tom Leykis Show was broadcast in a number of affiliate markets nationwide including but not limited to Portland, Dallas, Seattle, Phoenix, Las Vegas as well as multiple California markets in addition to its Los Angeles flagship such as San Diego and San Francisco.I tried to solve this problem add falloff maps refract but not such a result as we can .... Thank you in the scene I used vraycarpaint material in a cell like the freedom to set up another one when selecting vraycarpaint got out a message - "unhandled exception: updating material". Other - "unhandled exception" such as low memory, etc. I can not understand how it all started and how to fix it.Max and vray rearranged, iron is normal, everything was working fine for a year.Hello again Renderstuff, I'm trying to create a realistic cloth material.With realistic I mean not only that it has the texture look but also has the correct translucency. Please note that a change in the right field «UI schemes: », may result in a change in the interface panels !!!I believe that the need to use VRay Blend Mtl, but how to make friends with a metal screen - I can not think of, and the search results are not returned .. texture, using procedural maps or what other devious way, which, because of their ignorance , I do not see). Rummaged through the Internet, I can not find a replacement mentalreevskomu shader Ocean Lume. Please help us to make stained glass in the windows and colored shadows from them.