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Popular majors include Health Service Preparatory Studies, Biomedical Sciences and Molecular Medicine, and Nursing.Graduating 71% of students, South Florida alumni go on to earn a starting salary of ,800.Asian students are geeks; Latin students are loud and not very serious about school; African Americans are gangsters; while Indians are stingy with money.

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USF certainly is diverse, and that's one of the best reasons to come to school here!There is a wide variety of students at USF, all with different hobbies and fields of interest.I would say that most of the students at the University of South Florida are extremely diverse, yet share pride for the USF Bulls.Most of the students here, who are not originally from Tampa, come to this school ready to make a change.The only stereotype I can think of pertaining to our school is that its in the Ghetto.

South Florida is a highly rated public university located in Tampa, Florida.

It is an up-and-coming school, so it is not entirely popular with high school graduation classes.

It is a school that people go when they don't necessarily want to stay with their high school crowd, so the population is extremely friendly.

USF really doesn't have a define "stereotype" but rather is known for our extensive multicultural affairs and background, and this is definitely true.

You can find a variety of clubs and organizations through the Office of Multicultural Affairs, take almost any language under the sun for a major or a minor, and we also have INTO USF, a foreign exchange program housed at the school.

It is a large institution with an enrollment of 24,672 undergraduate students.