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It is an extremely commendable effort from your side to distribute knowledge so freely and intensely.

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There are also two new actions available for each DCE: The tab has been renamed to "Icon & Wizard" and the icon field is always visible,also when the DCE should not be visible in content wizard.The selected icon will now also be visible in CType dropdown and in page/list view. Unfortunately TYPO3 switched the icon identifiers between TYPO3 6.2 and 7.6.I was looking for "Production Crew" Magazine and some sound effects for a soap opera I am editing and stumbled upon your web page. I am just starting out in film sound, really I am a Live Sound Engineer & Student.Hi Sven, For a long time, I have appreciated your incredible site, and I still get so much out of it. FYI: The glossary link to the Dilettantes Dictionary has changed.like/dislike button Youtube APIYoutube Data V3You Tube Fancy Playlist Yubi Key two-factor OTP authentication Zend Framework Zend Framework extensions[clickstorm] SEO[DEPRECATED] Please refer to Quick Shop!

To accomplish this, I had to streamline essential parts of the extension. The previous way of how to define a DCE content element in backend (Preview Templates for header and bodytext field) has been marked as deprecated and will be removed (probably) in version 2.0.

When creating new columns the following options have the following effect: Of course you can also choose an existing tt_content column.

DCE introduced the tx_dce_index column which can get used to index content for search engines (like ke_search or solr).

It may happen that you need to redefine the DCE icons, after updating TYPO3.

DCE 1.2 also provides a ke_search hook, which allows you to add DCE CTypes to page-indexer.

So am thankful for all the information u gave and finally with best wishes.. Hey Sven, Thanks for keeping up this amazing website!