Updating bathroom mirrors

Contrary to what one might think, this material breathes very well and naturally absorbs moisture, making it a very popular choice for bathing.However, it is necessary to eliminate the accumulation of water at the exit of the shower to avoid its long-term deterioration. Choose angular pieces that contrast with a rustic environment, and very striking accessories.There are even soap and gel dispensers, such as those in hotel rooms, that can be installed on the wall to save space.

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Whether to control the lighting, to see the weather or simply to impress the guests, new options are constantly being offered.The towel dryer, with various designs, is increasingly present and replaces the traditional radiator to save space.In addition to giving an illusion of size, large tiles reduce the number of joints and accumulate less dirt.We can multiply the storage space and try to optimize what is available.The compartments in the drawers, cabinets and shelves are part of a well thought-out bathroom.

Hiding storage is also good advice to create a sense of space. Inspired by functional architecture, we opted for modular furniture with simple and straight shapes and moderate decorations.It is found in a multitude of shapes: square, oval, round, asymmetrical or rectangular.To maximize its impacting appearance, it is installed in the center of the room, which ideally requires a minimum dimension of 10m².Ceramic tiles are popular for showers and floors, including porcelain.The new designs opt for several geometric patterns, monochrome or multicolored, and even patchwork patterns.To create a modern and elegant industrial decoration worthy of a New York loft, designers are using unique and imperfect pieces such as metal sinks or bathtubs and adding brick walls, waxed concrete floors and rustic wood finishes.