Updating bios gigabyte p55a ud4p

The low-profile PCH cooler shouldn’t be a problem, either.auxiliary power circuitry heatsink, limiting compatibility with longer cards.

However, unlike the P7P55D, there’s no apparent provision to juggle lower loads between different phase blocks.

Edge-mounted SATA connectors make an appearance on the UD4P.

But really, it’s the exceptional quality of more affordable mid-range motherboards that makes higher-end variants look a little ostentatious.

I’ve been testing two examples of the breed in Asus’ P7P55D and Gigabyte’s GA-P55-UD4P.

So could the DIMM slots, which are quite close to the socket.

Gigabyte has a good thing going with its new toned-down approach to color palettes.

Fortunately, the extra hasn’t been frittered away on gaudy lighting effects, questionable accessories, or other wasteful avenues.

Instead, Gigabyte has beefed up the UD4P’s hardware, which ultimately makes for a more versatile board.

Just looking at the UD4P, you might think the board had traditional north and south bridge chipset components.

The P55 PCH is actually in the lower right-hand corner, as we just saw with the P7P55D.

With a street price hovering around 0, the Gigabyte GA-P55-UD6 we looked at during our P55 launch coverage is decidedly not a mid-range motherboard.