Updating bios xfx 680i lt

Now let’s take a look at how this chipset stacks up against its bigger brother the 680i LT.

updating bios xfx 680i lt-39updating bios xfx 680i lt-47updating bios xfx 680i lt-75

There are all solid capacitors around the CPU area allowing for plenty of clearance.

The 24-pin plug is easy to get to and the 4-pin CPU plug is only tricky when using a very large heatsink like the Big Typhoon.

Aside from these rather minor installation issues this board was a breeze to setup and fit quite easily into my case.

It is even able to handle a Thermaltake Big Typhoon with ease thanks to the all solid capacitors surrounding the CPU socket. Turning to the BIOS or the Basic Input Output System, we have an Award BIOS similar to the ones on the 680i LT and the 680i.

That makes it an awesome value and all the more easier to accept two less SATA ports and no SLI.

I have to say when I received this unit in the mail I was a little struck by the size of the box.

In our case we have a few less advanced overclocking options.

Starting at the beginning we have our main page followed by our page we see a fairly robust collection of memory settings for us to tweak.

Looking at the picture below we see that installing a card, in this case a Creative Audigy 2 ZS sound card, in the bottom slot causes a very cramped situation should you want to use the USB headers on the board.

While using the next PCI slot up was a possibility, I prefer to give the GPU as much room as possible to breath.

The majority of overclockers should only be concerned with the top portion containing the main five settings for adjust memory performance. One may think these settings have little to do with overclocking but in fact these are also important.