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The only issue I have seen isn’t Vector 3 specific on the Hammerhead, but rather how it handles power meter zero value data points causing some incorrectly high values. Here’s what I suspect are probably going to be the most common questions: Ok, that’s nice and all, but when will Vector start shipping? As for ANT , it’s still just as popular as ever before (one only needs to look at the sold-out Symposium last fall to see that). Gone are the days where for purely heart rate only you ‘must’ have an ANT strap.

It’s actually been shipping since October (Ironman Kona to be very specific, they had units there). Instead, now are the days where for advanced cycling metrics that are cross-manufacturer compatible, you want to use ANT . As with any tech, it’s a see-saw effect with competitors.

You’ve got the following options: A) An Edge 520, Edge 820, Edge 1000, or Edge 1030: If you have any of these, and you’ve previously paired Vector 3, it’ll go grab updates for you the next time it chats with Garmin’s servers.

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Obviously, you’d click yes if you wanted to update: My general practice with updating Garmin Vector pedals is to place my phone in between my two pedals on my water bottle cage.I find this gives it the best signal for both pedals.Or add topographic maps to your Edge for vivid detail of terrain contours and elevation information.Shop Cycling Maps | Shop TOPO Maps We currently offer map updates for City Navigator maps and Garmin Cycle Maps.That’s because there’s no standard for this advanced data on Bluetooth Smart. Additionally, there isn’t a method to set crank length via Bluetooth Smart head units today (that I’m aware of anyway). Vector 3 will remember that and apply it to any other connections.

However, there is an interesting Bluetooth Smart tidbit here on Vector 3 that’s not on any other pedal based power meters: Vector 3 properly shows as a single power meter in Bluetooth Smart device lists.However, at the time the secondary part of the plan was to release the much awaited Bluetooth Smart power meter support, which would allow you to pair Vector 3 to any head unit, app, or thingamajig, as long as it supported ANT or Bluetooth Smart.That secondary timeline was initially early October, just after Vector 3 was slated to ship. Now the main reason most folks care about BLE connectivity on Vector 3 is for pairing to apps, predominantly indoor trainer apps.And you’ll get power, power balance, and cadence on both.Here’s Trainer Road for example: Except, you won’t get Garmin Cycling Dynamics data (the advanced stuff like pedaling metrics) on Bluetooth Smart, even if paired to a Garmin head unit.Vector 3 was of course announced last August at Eurobike, and then started shipping back in October (my in-depth review dropped in November).