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Software recognition is not the same as a SKU Catalogue.A SKU Catalogue typically includes software recognition and normalisation.The SKU catalogue is the lynchpin and translator between the different complex languages of configuration management, product terminology and procurement.

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It is important to note that MLDZWZC1-EI1AS refers to a very specific way of purchasing Symantec Backup Exec.

These elements are known as product use rights (sometimes abbreviated to PUR).

Software recognition is the process of recognising and normalising technical configuration management technical jargon into recognisable product names and product families.

SKU catalogues also perform software recognition but strengthen the license management process by also normalising procurement data and linking it with installed software data to ensure software is being used in accordance with the product use rights.

Without some form of unique identifier managing inventory at the supermarket would be a logistical nightmare. A barcode is used to electronically identify a product using an optical machine reader. The vast majority software publishers also use a SKU to identify product variants.

If we were to go shopping online for Symantec Backup Exec we might stumble across SKU number ‘MLDZWZC1-EI1AS’ (Referred to in this instance as the manufacturers part number by CDW in image below).

What do people mean when they refer to a ‘SKU Catalogue’ for license management?

In this article I hope to demonstrate why organizations utilise SKU catalogues, the difference between SKU catalogues and software recognition and the business value to SAM practitioners.

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Each of these Coke variants has a SKU or Stock Keeping Unit assigned to it.