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At the time of writing, Microsoft have not yet updated the Exchange Deployment Assistant with instructions to migrate from Exchange 2013 to 2016 however there have been numerous blogs released about CAS coexistence which have helped write this article.In this lab, we have a single Exchange server called litex01 in the domain which is running Exchange 2013 CU10. We’ll install an Exchange 2016 server called litex02.

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Since you have replaced your SSL cert with wildcard one, you would need to decide how are you going to reference the Exchange server inside your internal network, for a sake of the example, let's make it mail.for the fqdn and mail for the netbios name.Run the following CMD-lets to find and SET the correct information as for the virtual directories perspective: Exchange Control Panel: Get-ecp Virtual Directory -Server mail | Set-ecp Virtual Directory -Internal URL https://mail.domain.com/ecp -External URL https://mail.domain.com/ecp Get-ECPVirtual Directory -Server mail | Fl Internal URL, External URL Outlook Web App: Get-Owa Virtual Directory -Server mail | Set-Owa Virtual Directory -Internal URL https://mail.domain.com/owa -External URL https://mail.domain.com/owa Get-OWAVirtual Directory -Server mail | Fl internal Url, External URL EWS (Exchange Web Services): Get-Webservices Virtual Directory -Server mail | Set-Webservices Virtual Directory -Internal URL https://mail.domain.com/EWS/-External URL https://mail.domain.com/EWS/Get-Webservices Virtual Directory -Server mail |Fl internal URL, External URL Autodiscover: Set-Client Access Server mail -Autodiscover Service Internal Uri https://mail.domain.com/Autodiscover/Get-Client Access Server mail | Fl Autodiscover Service Internal Uri Active Sync: Get-Active Sync Virtual Directory -Server mail | Set-Active Sync Virtual Directory -Internal URL https://mail.domain.com/Microsoft-Server-Active Sync -External URL https://mail.domain.com/Microsoft-Server-Active Sync Get-Active Sync Virtual Directory -Server mail | Fl Internal URL, External URL Offline Address Book: Get-OABVirtual Directory -Server mail | Set-OABVirtual Directory -Internal Url https://mail.domain.com/OAB -External URL https://mail.domain.com/OAB Get-OABVirtual Directory -Server mail | Fl Internal URL, External URL Outlook Anywhere: Set-Outlook Anywhere -Identity mail\Rpc (Default Web Site)" -Internal Hostname mail.-External Host Name mail.-Internal Client Authentication Method ntlm -Internal Clients Require Ssl:$True -External Client Authentication Method Basic -External Clients Require Ssl:$True Get-Outlook Anywhere -Identity mail\rpc (Default Web Site)" |fl Internal Host Name, Internal Client Authentication Method, Internal Clients Requiressl, External Host Name, External Client Authentication Method, External Clients Requiressl Perform after the script above, remember to replace mail with the actual netbios name of the server and mail.with the actual fqdn of your Exchange server.Build your server and install a supported OS (either Server 2012 Standard or Datacenter or Server 2012 R2 Standard or Datacenter). Once installed, join to your domain and install windows updates.Once you've gone through the preparation steps above, it's now time to install Exchange.In regards to the Outlook provider see here: me know if you have any questions.

We had the same issue after removing our local domain from our Exchange certs and went down the same troubleshooting path, Clay.

In the next post, we’ll install an SSL certificate on Exchange 2016 and configure Exchange 2013 – 2016 coexistence which prepares us for the mailbox migration.

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Use the below command to install the required Windows features.

This command needs to be run on a single line and run from a Power Shell window with elevated privileges.

I have followed all guides/articles I found ensuring that all URL's are setup properly and all point to the same external DNS name.