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A lot of people have access to a lot of information in the team in order to keep the product up to date since we have to ship patches so quickly.

I think that makes it harder to keep things as secure as we would like.

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Definitely lessons learned though from this, for sure.__Wired.com: __We won't be able to go back to old world content post-.You can be on* Burning Crusade *(expansion), on Northrend (in the *Wrath of the Lich King *expansion).And does that mean you have to change the starting experience for all the races? So things like the Valley of Trials, where the orcs start in Durotar, will be completely different. We're pretty happy with it, and there's not a lot we would do there.For Trolls, Gnomes, everything; you'll see it all the way across the board. We would maybe want to put a flight path out to Eastvale Logging Camp because it's kind of annoying to run all the way there. Things we would do is to go back and look at quests that say, "Bring me 20 of this item." These days, we might want to cut that to 10.How will that work and what do you say to people that are mad about that?

Stockton: It will cost real money, and it will work similar to a realm change or paying for a new name.Stockton: I think that's what Caverns of Time is for.We'll definitely have the ability to do that kind of stuff, but we are also going to do a huge world event leading up to the* Cataclysm*.Cory Stockton: I think we're just getting bigger is the issue.When you have 4,000 people in this world-wide company, I think it's just hard for things to stay secret as much as we were able to do it in the past.So in a zone like that, we can burn through it really quick.