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You must initialize it, either by making it empty or by assigning a non- Example 5-5 Nested Table of Local Type This example defines a local nested table type, declares a variable of that type (initializing it with a constructor), and defines a procedure that prints the nested table. LAST LOOP -- For first to last element DBMS_OUTPUT. PUT_LINE('---'); END; BEGIN print_names('Initial Values:'); names(3) := 'P Perez'; -- Change value of one element print_names('Current Values:'); names := Roster('A Jansen', 'B Gupta'); -- Change entire table print_names('Current Values:'); END; / CREATE OR REPLACE TYPE nt_type IS TABLE OF NUMBER; / CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE print_nt (nt nt_type) AUTHID DEFINER IS i NUMBER; BEGIN i := nt. PUT_LINE('nt is empty'); ELSE WHILE i IS NOT NULL LOOP DBMS_OUTPUT. This restriction also applies to implicit comparisons.

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If a program determines order of evaluation, then at the point where the program does so, its behavior is undefined.If the number of elements is specified, it is the maximum number of elements in the collection.PUT_LINE ( 'Sum of the first '

The upper bound changes as you add or delete elements, but it cannot exceed the maximum size.( DECLARE -- Associative array indexed by string: TYPE population IS TABLE OF NUMBER -- Associative array type INDEX BY VARCHAR2(64); -- indexed by string city_population population; -- Associative array variable i VARCHAR2(64); -- Scalar variable BEGIN -- Add elements (key-value pairs) to associative array: city_population('Smallville') := 2000; city_population('Midland') := 750000; city_population('Megalopolis') := 1000000; -- Change value associated with key 'Smallville': city_population('Smallville') := 2001; -- Print associative array: i := city_population.FIRST; -- Get first element of array WHILE i IS NOT NULL LOOP DBMS_Output.Now i will check the check box for some lines 5,10,20,35 like this.after that i will press push button it will generate req numbers for that lines that time cursor should be on 35 is last record.PUT_LINE ('Population of '