Updating eee pc 701

Now, one of the solutions to my problem I tried was to update the BIOS. I’ve never done this before and I understand that if you make a mistake whilst doing it, you can be left with a very pretty Asus Eee PC 900 doorstop.

Please, unless you really are confident of your ability to follow instructions to the letter or you are having problems which you know a BIOS update will solve, leave the BIOS alone. I used a generic 1GB drive, I wouldn’t recommend using anything over 4GB. When it’s done, you can close the partition editor and move on. Download the BIOS file from or, for ease of use, from my Sky Drive.

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And when you reboot, if you go into the BIOS you will notice that the version number has changed.

Only when you are prompted to do so, shutdown using the power button.

It's a little rough around the edges, but the Eee PC is a remarkably versatile machine for the price.

(For a look atthe latest Eee PC model, see our review of the Eee PC 4G Surf).

Plug it into the machine on the right hand side in the USB slot closest to you.

It will not work unless you (click on the little plus sign next to BIOS and then Download From Global)That is your BIOS file and you need to copy it to your USB stick.

And although we didn't mind the unified, slightly chintzy-feeling touchpad button that you can left- or right-click on, our kid tester found it confusing at first. Practically anything you would do with a Windows-powered one.

Teens and adults will likely spend the most time in the Internet area, where you can launch the Firefox browser, Wikipedia, Skype (for making cheap calls), and the instant messaging program (which includes clients for AOL, Google Talk, MSN, and Yahoo).

An extra USB port, Ethernet and modem connections, and headphone and mic jacks line the left side.

The keyboard is cramped but is just big enough to touch-type on; the biggest annoyance is the proximity of the Up arrow key and right Shift key; we accidentally moved up a line on several occasions while trying to capitalize a letter.

Make sure you have nothing attached to it (USB sticks, drives, SD cards) and hit the power button.