Updating instances vray 3d max

Displays various pieces of information regarding material properties of selected objects or the active material (such as the name of the Material on the selected object, the used Mat IDs on the selected object, the map channels the active material is currently using, etc). Some common uses: apply a flat grey material (standard, Raytrace, Brazil, mentalray, etc) to all scene objects in one button press.Clear out your material editor with blank materials.

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Selects any objects that are not parented to anything.This is really useful if you want to select all the top level parents in your scene or selection, maybe to later link them to a master dummy object.Move all the scene materials into the material editor. Assign a random material from the material editor to a set of scene objects.Lets you perform various modifier related tasks on a set of selected objects.Object Size Compensation tries to bang smaller objects less, and large objects more.

Takes all selected objects and applies a material modifier, modifies their object ID, or modifies their User Defined Properties to either a random ID between the high and low value, or a sequential set of IDs based on selection order.

To uninstall the scripts, just delete all the files mentioned above.

To install a new pack, just download the new zip and unzip them again into your 3dsmax directory, saying overwrite current files.

Or to be safe, uninstall the old scripts first, then install the new pack. Applies 6 projections (Front, Back, Left, Right, Top, Bottom) to the selected objects, hooks the projections up to 6 maps, and then blends between each map.

Great for projecting details onto a set of objects, like box mapping, but each side can be a seperate map, and the edges of the box are blended so you can place the map on a curved surface and not have horrible seams.

Add modifiers to your Favorites area for faster access.