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Although it’s officially called a PPA, you cannot use it like other PPAs by adding them to your software sources list and expecting it to automatically update the kernel for you.Instead, it’s simply a webpage you navigate through to download the kernel you want.

Newly discovered security vulnerabilities in the Linux kernel seem to appear with monotonous regularity.In most but not all cases, the patches needed to fix them follow swiftly after.If you want to get even closer to the latest-released stable kernel, you can enable the testing repo which will give you access to major new releases roughly two to four weeks early.To do this, open the file located at, and then uncomment (delete the pound symbols from the front of each line) the three lines associated with testing.Sometimes, that can be best achieved from the start -- by piecing together the components that you'd like to include...

should always have the latest and greatest stable kernel available (or one pretty close to it).is unprecedented, with a new major release approximately every two to three months.Each release offers several new features and improvements that a lot of people could take advantage of to make their computing experience faster, more efficient, or better in other ways.PAE is an address extension technique used for 32-bit system to allow them to use more than 3GB of RAM.Now, use the For Linux power users, it's highly desirable to be able to completely customize your system.If this is the case, it’s usually easy to pick an older kernel at boot time that works, but something may always go wrong.