Updating melamine cabinets effects of dating on children after divorce

With cup style pulls and decorative handles, her kitchen looks warm and inviting!

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My husband kindly gave me a weekend to myself without the kiddo, so I knocked out the big section of upper cabinets in just a couple days.The final leg of the project lingered unfinished a couple months longer.By choosing hardware with soft, curved lines, Julie managed to give this kitchen a new lease on life and the cathedral style door/hardware look natural and well-coordinated.Adding glass to a few key doors will relieve some of the visual weight of the wood and add some reflective value to your kitchen.I applied contact paper for countertops over the existing laminate, which held up extremely well!

I started painting our 80s kitchen cabinets white to match the new cabinet, working in sections so the entire kitchen wouldn’t be out of commission at once.I also build an additional pantry cabinet on the other side of the fridge for even more kitchen storage!Click here to check out how I successfully tackled painting 80s kitchen cabinets!I began with the island (can you still call it an island if it’s floor to ceiling? That side of the kitchen suddenly looked brand new.And no, we didn’t replace the counter tops…I just covered the old ones in heavy-duty contact paper!The more colours and metal finishes you add, the more cluttered it can make things look.