Updating navionics charts

Apparently that’s because Navionics is also using this major feature addition to discontinue older editions of their charting apps. If your updated Navionics app doesn’t show Active Captain, i Pad and i Phone users need to install Navionics Boating Marine & Lakes while Android users get Navionics Boating HD Marine & Lakes.

In both cases, you then just log into your Navionics account and all your old routes and tracks will be synched.

The ability for me to have a chip that covers the entire nation is huge because I don't have to buy one for every state I go to.

Lakes that are supported by Navionics are well detailed, just beware if you are buying this software to map on your own or use community edits. For anyone that has an older Raymarine C80 or C120 chart plotter, but you have updated your chip using the Navionics freshest data, you may find that your chart plotter doesn't seem to work with the latest update(s) from Navionics. BP2 files contain information such as marina phone numbers, etc.I'm very happy with the Navionics chart data on my older C80 Classic MFD. Background info: I had to send my card to them so they could see what was causing the issues. Because it is nearby, I took it to the Raymarine facility in Nashua. Dropped it off with a note and a few days later they called and I picked it up, everything updated.I Hope this helps someone and saves you some time and a headache. No reluctance on their part, but there was a small fee. Completed the firmware update (v5.16) on the C70 classic per Raymarine instructions.I use the Navionics app on my phone to scout areas I'm headed and then use my plotter to get me to where I want to fish. From: Comments: Because I fish in the US & Canada I bought the Navionics Canada-US. Perfect for traveling anglers or anglers that live close to two regions.

That way all the lakes that I fish and the quality of the chart specially on lake Champlain is outstanding. I can download maps anywhere in the country or Canada.

Max-detailed cartography for marine and lakes that is updated daily, makes Navionics the perfect choice for cruising and fishing.

Get Nautical Chart, the most accurate navigational data; Sonar Chart, an exclusive 1 ft HD bathymetry map; and Community Edits, local content from the community.

But today two v13.0 app updates supporting ACC were released to the i OS App Store and Android’s Play Store.

However, many Navionics Boating users may find that their particular app does not update to version 13.

After the update, my C80 seemed to be quicker to zoom in and out on the chart now too, maybe because I didn't include the 1ft 'Sonar Chart' detail. So no need to be afraid of using the Navionics update if you have an older Raymarine unit.