Updating nforce motherboard drivers

I'm having trouble updating my n Vidia drivers for the first time ever on this machine.

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I was able to update my n Vidia n Force drivers without a problem, but when I tried to update my n Vidia graphics card drivers, this is the error message I got "The NVIDIA Setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Now, this is very puzzling to me, because I have done this many times before.

So, I went back to the site, and tried to install an earlier version of drivers, and also got the same message. The only thing I can think of is, is that I uninstalled something I shouldn't have, but the directions on their site told me to do so. My system specs are: Windows XP Athlon XP 2500 Barton Asus a7n8x v2.0 deluxe motherboard (n Vidia n Force2 Ultra400) 512mb Corsair XMS pc3200 memory n Vidia Ge Force FX 5200 (Asus V9520 Magic) graphics card edit: I just ran a program called Everest on my computer, which gives you detailed specs about your PC, and I might of found something that may be useful, under chipset problems, it said "AGP is disabled.

Restart your computer and see if it fixed the problem.makai I would, if I could remember the exact version it was.

It has been awhile since I have updated my video card drivers, that's why I was updating.

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I recently went to their site to update my drivers and it said "Please make sure to read the Driver Installation Hints Document before you install this driver.", so I did...