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From time to time, camera manufacturers will release firmware updates, which will upgrade the camera by enhancing performance, adding new features, or even fixing known issues.

It is important to check for firmware updates periodically.

I’ve collected more than 1,000 supporters on and alone for my Open Letter.

These cameras are obviously preferable, as you are not stuck with firmware updates if you do not like them.

Whenever you are considering an update to your camera's firmware, make sure to read all of the instructions very carefully.

Firmware is essential to making today's technology work because it is the software that tells the hardware how it needs to function.

Digital cameras include firmware and, just like every other device, it is important to install updates.

Since the first Snapbridge Camera was released (the D500) I was fighting to get free Wi Fi back in the new Nikon cameras.

More than thousand users signed my Open Letter to Nikon on and

Nikon just released firmware updates for the D850, D500, D7500 and D5600 which provide free Wi Fi next to the Snapbridge connectivity.

Especially for us timelapse photographers this is great news, since it allows connecting to those cameras much easier, for example for shooting the holy grail as I explained in my tutorial.

I think now it’s time to say thank you to Nikon for listening to their users.

You can do that in the comments , I’ll pass it on to Nikon!

PS: If you still don’t know, why this is important for us timelapse photographers, check out my Holy Grail Tutorial Video!