Updating osx86

With Public Beta 7 and Developer Preview 8, that process didn’t go as it should have for me.

I had to use my secondary Mac to download the rest of the needed drivers and kexts, then transfer them over to the Hackintosh. I had already inserted the Firmware Features value, upgraded Clover, and was ready to try the update again.

This time, everything went as it should, and I’m now running High Sierra Developer Beta 8 on my Hackintosh.

I was perplexed, so I tried to kick it off a couple of times in case I just had a bad download. I booted from it, and partway through the installation was greeted with the dreaded “Error verifying firmware” screen.

That had me stumped a bit, since I’d never encountered it with my build.

If all you care about is how to get past the firmware problem, here’s the solution.

Clover EFI Bootloader: I recommend updating to a new version of Clover r4862 or later to avoid kext injection breaking in 10.14.5.There may be up to 4 restarts to finish the update.For Ryzen users 10.13.6 should be avoided due to a number of compatibility issues.Finally, after some research and tinkering, I was able to update Hackintosh High Sierra successfully. I certainly never needed it when I tried to update Hackintosh High Sierra.Here’s what seems to have changed in the latest developer and public beta builds.Others had, though, so I went looking for their success stories. First, I tried implementing the Firmware Features value in Clover Configurator, which is a handy way to manage the file for your Clover bootloader.