Updating references in word

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I hope that you find the information as life-changing as I did.

Help please I have references in my Endnote library that were incorrect when I downloaded them and cited them in my document. capitalised the Journal names) however they will not update in my Bibliography.

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However, you can make a plain text document without Mendeley field codes.

Jennifer wonders if there is a way to cross reference only the number portion of a field-based number.

However, cross-referencing is still a valuable time-saver. If formatted properly, you may also cross-reference to headings, bookmarks, numbered items, endnotes, equations, figures, and tables.

You can find a lot of helpful information on the web by simply searching “cross-reference [whatever] in Word.” Thank you to Professors Larre and von Tigerstrom of the University of Saskatchewan, College of Law, for bringing cross-referencing footnotes to my attention.

The benefit of inserting a cross-reference, rather than just typing in the earlier footnote number, is that inserting a cross-reference creates a hyperlink within the document.

So, if you add or delete footnotes before or between the earlier footnote and the Cross-referencing footnotes has some limitations.

So, I present to you: cross-referencing footnotes in Word.