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In any case, the command doesn’t exists on your system.

updating repositories in ubuntu server-24

Nobody in their right mind downloads hundreds of gigabytes of data without a cause.

So you’re probably reading this because you are in the following position: I hope you have a fast internet connection, and at least 150GB space left on your hard disk.

Use the add-apt-repository (or symlink apt-add-repository) command to add launchpad PPA to your system.

You just need to provide launchpad reference address as the following command.

Here you can disable proprietary software and select a download server among other things.

To toggle enabling /disabling the proprietary drivers check/uncheck the tab allows you to add, remove or edit other software sources.

Run the following snippet in your terminal: In order for it to work, you must link between your downloaded mirror to your web server.

Moreover, since you downloaded with ‘sudo’, you need to change the owner so it can be accessed by the web server.

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This may take over a day (depends on your Ubuntu repository archive).