Updating textpattern

I believe it now works as an article although I have still got a few more things to add and I am not quite sure whether I will do this in the original or write a part 2.I am quite pleased with the title and its double meaning.

updating textpattern-34

I started the preliminary work on my home web server some months ago before getting sidetracked and have forgotten a lot of what I did so I will be writing an article about it as I integrate the changes here.

I won’t have the temerity to title it as a How to, there are so many good ones out there.

Want to make some changes to the design of your new Textpattern website?

Maybe I should make a new category “I am an Idiot”.

Usability and backward compatibility – the key factors that attract me in Textpattern.

Pull: 498 , 501 These changes were fully compatible with previous versions of Textpattern.

But, as a beginner myself I will have some idea of what others will need to know.

Sometimes it is so easy, if you know about a subject, to take the really basic stuff for granted.

As we haven’t made any changes yet we have an empty theme so let’s test this out. In the Pages Panel we can create new pages, duplicate pages and edit them.

Using the drop-down menu we can also navigate between available themes.

There are also a lot more of them and they are organized into categories – hence a new drop-down menu .