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Their main business is manufacturing replacement windows, but they also do custom iron work, with 12 different styles of columns.

HOWEVER, Chuck says that the company requires that they do the measuring and installation of all work.

I found two places that fabricate and sell mid century style decorative columns and railings.

Start with the upper side to avoid injuries from falling.Nudge the top part out of position and then carefully lay the pillar on the ground. You now have the new porch column supporting the weight.This should be done ahead of time, as you might need to order and wait a few days for the delivery.You will need to install two temporary support pillars on the beam of the column you are replacing.Nudge the top part in position and secure it at the top.

With the new column in position it is time to remove the temporary pillars.This should be held to the porch and the top beam with screws or nails.Use the drill with the Philips bit to remove all the screws at the top of the column first.All that’s left to do is to coat it with primer and paint or the wood oil of your preference.Researching ornamental iron and aluminum columns and railings to help owners of mid century home add some old skool curb appeal to their front porches was hard — the websites were not set up for national consumers, particularly, so I had hunt and peck.If the seating is damaged in any way it will need to be repaired before installing the new column.