Using and validating the strategic alignment model

When you’re feeling comfortable with the documentation, set up one-on-one discussions with the key business leaders you support, and discuss their organization’s objectives and how they support the goals and objectives of the overall business.

Capture the goals and objectives from both sources, and document them in summary format in a way that will be easy to share with other key stakeholders.

using and validating the strategic alignment model-82

The timing of the strategic planning process is also critical as you want to line up this process with the business’ annual budgeting and planning processes.

That alignment will provide you the opportunity to gain stakeholder budgetary support as well as critical information for building your budget for the next year.

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Involve your team in this phase to build their understanding of the organization’s goals and objectives and to ensure their buy-in to deliver on the plan that they will help develop. Once again, you should approach this process with plenty of involvement from your team, but you should also build the plan with key business stakeholders in mind.

It can be a document, a spreadsheet or a Power Point presentation, as long as you can easily share and communicate it with a wide range of stakeholders.The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the strategic alignment models, collected through a comprehensive survey.For this purpose, we develop a strategic alignment evaluation framework which is a composition of a number of criteria.Final Thoughts This process of strategic alignment will feel like a lot of work the first time you cycle through the process, just like how a farmer feels the first time he or she plows a new field.It’s a lot of work clearing all the rocks, boulders and old tree stumps, but it will be easier the next time through the field.Include the following key elements in your L&D plan: Keep in mind that the L&D plan is a high-level plan designed for effective communication with key stakeholders, not the detailed plan that the L&D team will need for execution. Validate the alignment of the learning and development plan with the business plan.