Validating all measures using confirmatory factor

Development of the questionnaire Item development A draft of the NA2CRESQ was developed in English through a review of the available literature.We primarily employed information from literature reviews to generate items.

validating all measures using confirmatory factor-14

Conclusion: We confirmed the validity and reliability of this questionnaire, making it a useful measure of attitudes towards conducting research among nurses.

Attitude; Questionnaire; Nurse; Reliability and validity; Research; Malaysia Research is vital to nursing practice and nurses’ career development.

[11] All six experts were asked to rate the 37 items of the draft questionnaire concerning their relevance on a 4-point scale (1=test not being relevant; 2=somewhat relevant; 3=quite relevant and; 4=highly relevant).

From here, the content validity index (CVI) of each item was calculated by dividing the number of experts that gave the item a 3 (quite relevant) or a 4 (highly relevant) by the total number of experts.

Furthermore, only nurses who go on to obtain a degree or doctorate receive the opportunity to become involved in a research project.

As the local nurses are still at a comparative stage of infancy with regard to nursing research, it is timely now to assess their attitude towards conducting research.Overall, the first draft comprised of 37 items assessing attitudes; each item was rated on a 5-point Likert scale, ranging from 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree).This included seven items with negative phrasing, which were reverse scored before the data analysis.[4] Indeed, there are a considerable number of studies examining the attitudes of nurses and what views serve as barriers toward the utilization of research in their practice.[5-7] For instance, in a study involving more than a thousand Swedish nurses, a positive relationship was proven between positive attitudes towards research and research use.[1,2] The application of research and scientific evidence will ensure that nursing care is appropriate, safe, and of high quality.