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Skill Level: Beginner You can download the file I’m using in the video here: Data Validation Lists (21.0 KB)Creating a drop-down list is a great way to ensure that entries are uniform and free from spelling errors.It also helps restrict entries so that only values you’ve approved make it onto the sheet.element allows users to select a value from a list of pre-defined items (data). Net provides a similar control in the form of a Drop Down List to web developers. However, there is one common issue developers often come across, is to check if any value is ever selected from a dropdown control, before submitting or switching focus on another control.

Note: On some language versions of Excel you will need to use a semicolon (;) instead of a comma.

The second way to fill your list with options is to choose them from a range of values.

Bottom Line: The complete Excel guide on how to create drop-down lists in cells (data validation lists).

Includes keyboard shortcuts to select items, copying drop-downs to other cells, handling invalid inputs, updating lists with new items, and more.

Video tutorials and step by step instructions are below In this tutorial, you'll see how to create a drop down list of choices in a cell, like the list of employee names shown below.

To create a drop down list in Excel 2010, you can name a list of items, based on a named Excel table.

Create a drop down list of items in a cell, with Excel's Data Validation feature.

This will make data entry easier, and reduce input errors and typing mistakes.

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