Validating email password on blackberry

Previously the policy was that passwords only had to be a minimum of 6 characters.

These new password requirements will help to ensure that email user accounts are not compromised, particularly when an account is being set-up by a carrier representative that may use very basic passwords when setting up a users account that, for obvious reasons, may be accidentally duplicated (i.e. Automatic Login Improvements As part of BIS 3.2, the existing Automatic Login functionality will be updated for an improved experience for users who have a username and password.

This means that once the email is downloaded, you can't access it from the regular Yahoo! Only one copy of each email is typically kept, and that is on your desktop computer.

It may take up to a minute or two for the message to arrive.

From Boy Genius Report: Polish site has published what looks to be the release notes for RIMs Black Berry Internet Services version 3.2.

Some of the highlights in the new version include: synchronization with Google Calendar, Improved BIS password security, corrected automatic login, improved WAP interface, re-validation of Windows Live accounts, and added Administration Tool functionality for carrier administrators.

what will appear on the Google Calendar, such as pop-up reminders, which the only reminder type supported with sync (Google Calendar allows for additional options such as SMS reminders).

If there are multiple reminders scheduled (which is a Google Calendar option), the reminder closest to the event is the only reminder synchronized with the device.The user will be able to retrieve the new password by logging in to Black Berry Protect website.* Back Up Device o Initiates a backup of all supported Black Berry Protect data Requirements: * The end user must already have Black Berry Protect installed and be logged in on their device for these features to be available in the Black Berry Email Administration console. However the BES/Google has 2 way sync of all PIM's (Memo's and Tasks where BIS does not.) Plus you would still lack all the security features provided by BES. Normal email clients like Microsoft Outlook will not be able to connect to it on their own.However, you can download a helper application called Yahoo IMAP Connector, which will make the necessary translations between your email client (e.g.In BIS 3.2, users who access their BIS account using a username and password on their device without the email setup application (devices running 4.6 handheld software or earlier) will be automatically logged into their BIS account, thus eliminating the need for a user to enter their credentials.