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For some reason this works with the text Start Date box but not the end date box.(Looking below you can see the code is identical) When I enter an invalid date in the end date box, I get the error message and nothing is highlighted, I can't even see the cursor or even a control in "focus".CObj Allowed in Attributes Arguments The compiler used to give an error that CObj(…) was not a constant when used in attribute constructions.

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It still sends me an error when I type nothing or a string in because it's trying to convert it to a double yet if I'm not doing any between range checks, it checks just fine if it's only numeric with no errors. Many of our VBA examples can be used in other Microsoft Office projects such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.That is, when the calling method receives a value returned by reference, it can change the value of the reference.Visual Basic is the Microsoft sponsored, event-based, programming language that supports the . A common task for Visual Basic developers is to create a graph with Visual Basic to display data to the end user. Then, select the "MSChart Control" menu option from the Visual Basic toolbar and single left click the form in Visual basic to insert the chart on your form. Since Visual Basic is component-based, software developers are able to create advanced programs in a rapid manner by re-using predefined components in Visual Basic. For example, I'm checking if the input is valid and between a min and max range by creating a function to return a true or false value based on the values entered.