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It seems like you guys all make a lot of money so you must be doing something shady." It may be hard out there for a pimp — but it's even harder out there for a Wall Street guy!

Wall Street guys are thought of as self-absorbed jerks who don't care about anyone else.

Even though, it is dating 101 for a man to pick up the phone and call you for a date or in this day and age to text you for one, many Wall Street men are so reliant on their assistants that they prefer to have you on their schedule just like a business meeting.

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A few weeks ago, I was talking to this girl at a bar and she asked me what I did.I told her I am a comic but I used to work on Wall Street. Because all Wall Street guys are douchebags." I asked why she thought that and her response was, "Well, I don't really know any Wall Street guys.________________________Samantha Daniels owns a bicoastal matchmaking service called Samantha's Table.She is ivy league educated and a former divorce attorney by trade.She is frequently relied upon dating, relationship and romance expert, and is seen regularly on television, in national newspapers and magazines and on radio.

She has been a national spokesperson for a number of consumer brands including Crest, Oral B and Febreze.

If you want him to be more romantic, you are probably going to have to lead the way, and teach him what you want. Wall Street men tend to be attracted to women who are in industries other than Wall Street.

This does not mean that if you work on Wall Street, you won’t end up with a Wall Street man, however his eye tends to be looking towards non-Wall Street women.

They're going to finally quit their job and move to rural New Hampshire to get a Ph. in the humanities and take long walks with a very large dog.

They're going to lose twenty pounds not drinking.

Things like the fact that Facebook is going public is not just financial news, it’s world news and you don’t want to seem clueless if you completely missed something like that.