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Its Jiggle feature connects anyone wiggling a We Chat tooled mobile device at the same time, and the Look Around option searches for contacts nearby who are interested in meeting fresh people.As innovations show up and fresh smartphones and tablets come out in the market, consumers display a clear preference for loving their devices and engaging with content via apps rather than the mobile web, with text messaging coming clearly as the foremost activity with 90. This is followed by photo-taking, e-mailing and access to weather forecasts.The UAE ICT sector is one of the advanced markets in the Arab World.

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We have seen two hundred per cent increase in application download in a month.We are thrilled by the market reaction and believe it is the right time to have a formal introduction of We Chat in UAE.” With We Chat, communication will no longer have to be limited to texting.Mobile messaging also gets an added feature, with free, animated emoticons.But We Chat takes the personalisation further, permitting users to fully customise their own emoticons with any picture of their choice for total freedom.We Chat has proved its value globally as it has topped the charts as most downloaded app in a number of markets including India, Malaysia, Mexico and The Philippines.

The mobile world is here and in order to make the most of it, the fresh, revolutionary way to connect has already arrived. Free voice – movie talk app now in UAE – Emirates 24, seven How about having an app that permits communicating, keeping in touch with others, meeting fresh people and having joy, and all this just a click away?On top of that, users can still keep in touch from their PCs, since We Chat is also available to be used online from computers.The mobile industry is in constant development, where mobile invasion is already over 100% in four of the world’s six regions.People are now using several apps to access the diverse spectrum of social communication and content sharing platforms.We Chat provides them with one single access to all these features and much more, providing users a totally unique practice when getting in touch with others.Furthermore, its intuitive voice talk capability makes it ordinary to talk with the press and speak function through which several contacts can arrange a voice conversation.