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There are no same-sex couples or information for couples where both partners are in a chair."There has been this stereotype, maybe because of media, that being in a chair isn't sexy.If I ask you right now when’s the last time you saw a movie with a disabled man or woman in a loving relationship, you probably couldn't think of anything.

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So as soon as you become disabled now you cannot move or walk or sashay.Now you can’t be sexy in the way you’ve been taught.So yes, the guys I’ve been with have been very easy to listen and learn and we’ve never had a problem.That’s my journey.""You have to love yourself first. Women who become disabled, we’re in a society that teaches us that being a woman is being beautiful and sexy and graceful and full of poise.For whatever reason, it didn’t happen., by trying to put the 'real' back in reality. Before that I was an athlete, a speed demon, and a runner.

We wanted to show that people who use wheelchairs are still humans and we still yearn for love. I loved motorcycles and I loved sex with my husband.

When I was asking him about what it's like for him, an able-bodied person, diving into this world, he told me about a gentleman who was in a chair and talked to him about sexuality in the disabled community.

I said, 'Oh my gosh Ben, you need to do a movie about this.' No one wants to talk about sex in a wheelchair. They’re too scared."He was hesitant at first, but every time I saw him I said, 'You need to do this.

A second later, he's dragging her toward the edge of the bed like rag doll, and pushing her legs up to straddle his torso.

If it sounds like they're getting into a sex position, that's because they are — but, no, this isn't porn.

Being paralyzed doesn't stop me from being in a relationship or being physical, or making love if I'm with the right person," Rockwood says in the film.