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Our ideal customer visits our homepage, reviews our blog, reads some content and compares our offering to the alternatives. In the early days, our assumption was that it would be much easier to sign up 1 agency with 20 customers, than sign up 20 individual businesses. Every business owner we sign up brings us closer to our goal and boosts our motivation. Here’s a shining example of a customer testimonial, directly from our amazing client – Selena Tan.

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We stripped out each service and tried to cost each component on an individual basis. It muddies the water of what your service is and gives an opportunity for negotiation, which quickly deteriorates to haggling.Our business model is reliant on a high volume of customers at a low margin, so when we started costing individual components – we were on a razor’s edge.During that time we signed up 100 businesses for our standard service. If you’ve read this far, Dan and I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below, on white label and if it’s worked for you.IDA INTERVIEW - Mar 1 - We noticed some pretty attractive commissions with White Label Dating recently.The overwhelming response when we explain our service to some people, but in particular agencies and developers is: “WTF? It’s completely fair that agencies wouldn’t hand over their client sites, there’s a lot of trust involved.

How do you actually provide unlimited fixes for per month? Put yourself in the white label partner’s shoes and you’ll quickly realize if there’s product / market fit.On the other hand, a small business customer will make a decision which is based on whether our service is a good fit or not.I spent 2 hours on the phone and worked through a thread of 45 emails before I was turned down by an agency owner for a whitelabel agreement. Instant sign up – they get access to us, we get paid and everyone is happy. The other area that will be impacted is your motivation – it’s disheartening to spend weeks trying to sign up an agency with no result.Try not to be seduced by the siren’s song of a big payday, as you might find yourself on the rocks!The net benefit to our business was revenue for a single one-off fix for an agency.Goodwill and word of mouth is another critical factor for rapid growth in the early stage of your business.