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Last night, armed by his own guilt over being a spiteful, vengeful jerk to someone else, he correctly plays on Gavin’s ego and spitefulness at all the right times.The real Silicon Valley likes to pretend it’s a meritocracy in which the best ideas (and the people who have them) naturally rise like cream to the top.

For most of its five seasons, show co-creators Mike Judge and Alec Berg have made it clear that their sense of humor revolves around Lucy snatching the football away from Charlie Brown again and again and again. And man, they are not equipped in character or temperament for that ride.So when Charlie’s outright handed the football, it’s pretty sinister. The reason the Pied Piper crew got to defeat Hooli is because they’re going to be the new Hooli. They’re going to have to try to be the giants, to go from scrappy upstarts fighting the man to becoming the man. But it looks like Judge, Berg and crew are really going to take this satire of a Silicon Valley gold rush all the way to its logical extreme. ‘Character is fate’ Full of double-crosses and fakeouts revolving around a digital hack attack, last night’s episode played like a Valley version of “The Italian Job.” As the battle becomes a three-way standoff between Pied Piper founder Richard (Thomas Middleditch), Hooli head Gavin (Matt Ross) and a fearsome alliance of uber VC Laurie (Suzanne Cryer) and Chinese device manufacturing company boss Yao (Tzi Ma), Richard finally makes a play that works – because it’s based on the idea that you can count on a jerk being a jerk.“You’re smoking my cigarettes, a**hole,” she fires back. They bond — platonically — over good whisky and skepticism, and, finally, success. Other notes: • The “51% attack” the episode revolved around is a type of attack that can be used on blockchain-based cryptocurrencies and involves a group of miners obtaining control of more than 50% of the network’s mining hashrate, or computing power, and using it to wreak havoc.Such an attack was perpetrated in 2016 on Ethereum-based Krypton and Shift.Because it’s a system driven not by Invisible Hands or invisible algorithms, but by people, in all their idiosyncratic glory.

The behemoth that was Show tech giant Hooli had thus far served as a pretty direct stand-in for Google, but last night it got a Yahoo ending, as the once-great fictional company’s board let it go in a fire sale to Amazon.The show has always skewered this idea, focusing instead on how real personalities involved, like the awkward but brilliant Richard, the ruthless and spiteful Gavin and the ruthlessly, almost robotically profit-driven Laurie can throw their own monkey wrenches into the system.In a sense, the real joke of the whole show up until now is that founder Richard has developed an indisputably brilliant, useful and potentially world-changing technology — not some pizza delivery app, but a technology that everyone in the entire Valley who has ever seen it is impressed by – and yet has had to work by the skin of his teeth for five seasons to really launch it and gain enough users to give it traction.• Best line of the episode: “Sorry, I don’t mean to rain on the parade,” says Monica.“I find parades to be impotent displays of authoritarianism,” replies Gilfoyle.Age: 28 years old Birthday: June 5, 1986 Born: Canada Birth Sign: Gemini Other: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Vimeo Videos Amanda Crew photos, including production stills, premiere photos and other event photos, publicity photos, behind-the-scenes, and more.