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And everyone should have the right to marry the person they love." , Bush said that she was surprised by how much attention the PSA received; Whoopi Goldberg and Julianne Moore had done similar videos, and when Bush checked them out on You Tube, each video had garnered less than 100 views.

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She also studied Spanish throughout high school and college, and chose to spend her junior year of high school at the St. During college, she spent the summer of 2003 working for fashion brand Proenza Schouler — an internship that she landed, according to an interview with magazine, after she cold-emailed the firm's founders and "explained that she could, among other things, sew." She landed the internship and began cutting her teeth in the world of New York fashion and design.During the summer of 2003, she traveled to Africa with her parents for the launch of the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PREPFAR), and it was an experience that would prove to be life-changing.He paraphrased: "Berlusconi complemented her on her blue eyes, told her she should mate with his son, and, for good measure, announced: 'If I was younger, I'd have children with you.'" Somehow Barbara managed to maintain her composure. Her cat, Eleanor, usually wakes her up and gets her moving — and then she laces up her kicks and hits the road.Worse yet — or, perhaps, thankfully — she told , Bush explained that she loves getting up early to go running. "The West Side Highway is a great path," she explained.As if an adolescence in the public spotlight isn't hard enough, Bush also experienced an incredibly painful loss during her teen years: when she was in high school, her boyfriend, Kyle, died by suicide. Until I was 34, every wish that I ever made, on the flame of a birthday candle or on a star, was a wish that Kyle would go to heaven….

As she told ) that after Kyle's funeral, she was told that Catholics believe that people who die by suicide are forbidden from entering heaven. He died when I was seventeen, so by now I've made half a lifetime of wishes." In 2016 she went to see a healer — and indeed, the encounter was deeply healing for her.

In 2009, Barbara founded the Global Health Corps (GHC) — an organization that aims "to mobilize a global community of emerging leaders to build the movement for health equity." GHC uses a model similar to Teach for America, by recruiting people to "work with high-impact organizations in year-long paid positions…

to make a significant and measurable contribution to the placement organization and the target population." She was nervous at first, telling , "When I was thinking about starting Global Health, but I was afraid I wasn't ready, my mom said: 'You're in another job, but always talking about Global Health.

Speaking to magazine, Bush explained that seeing "thousands of people lining the street waiting for drugs that they needed to live, that we had in the United States, was something very hard for me to wrap my brain around." , she said that seeing "people who were mourning the deaths of their children and sisters, because they didn't have access to drugs that do exist" was mind-blowing.

"We have the tools to solve these problems," she said she realized, but the issue is that "we just need to use them more effectively." After seeing the impact of global health initiatives like PEPFAR, she was inspired to take action.

Only I could make a Jessica Mc Clintock dress look Goth," she writes in She also explains that although she had a "very real obsession with vamp nail polish and Courtney Love," she never actually took action on her mischievous, rebellious inclinations.