Who is beyonce knowles dating

Probably, those childhood traumas caused his marriage infidelity (Beyonce’s album “Lemonade” deals with the topic of her husband’s extramarital love affairs).Shawn attended Technical Education High School, and at first was a good pupil.

Blue Ivy’s birth was the most expecting event of the year.The child was born on a cold winter day in New York.But then unhealthy environment consumed him totally, and the teenager started to use drugs and got prone to violence. He started to rap with his friend, who named himself “Jay-O”.Having taken the stage moniker “Jay-Z”, the young man recorded a number of singles with his pal.Beyonce’s parents Mathew and Tina Knowles seem to be drifting farther away from their Christian beliefs and it’s reportedly causing quite a rift in the family. ” Johnson never went into detail about why she was so furious with Beyonce’s father, but since even Beyonce fired him as her manager many people are wondering what’s really going on behind the scenes in Mathew’s company, Music World Entertainment. ” Shortly after addressing Mathew, Hatcher continued his Twitter rant about how the industry “is full of liars liars liars!!!

Beyonce has always been open about her religious beliefs and that she is a dedicated Christian. Johnson wasn’t the only person on Twitter to let Mathew have it either. You cussed me out, called the police on me while I was in your office, if I didn’t love Beyonce I would have destroyed that office, but my love for her kept those picks on the wall!!! ” “Wheww dont get me started,” he finally tweeted as he appeared step away from Twitter for a while to cool down.Gospel singer Le’Andria Johnson let it all out on Twitter yesterday as she blasted Beyonce’s dad for being anything but a Christian man. After Beyonce’s mother began dating Richard Lawson, he has been convincing her to give Scientology a chance and Beyonce is far from happy about it.According to “Beyonce is dead set against the religion and is worried her mom is getting sucked in.” Tina has already attended several Scientology events with the actor and it has reportedly caused several arguments between the mother-daughter duo.In her young years she dated Lyndall Locke, whom she met in her teens. After 10 years of incredible love the couple separated. Then their song “Crazy Love” reached the highest positions in the music charts. It turned out, she secretly married her boyfriend of many years Jay Z.“I felt, I was too simple for her”, Lyndall told in an interview. What do we know about the main man in the singer’s life?Ivy is a great dancing enthusiast, so probably, she would follow her mother’s pace in future.