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In 2013, Goodwin stated that, after she left Memphis, she "up and left Judaism for a very long time", and that "for 10 years, there was nothing.

Her most known role is perhaps as Snow White in the series Once Upon a Time.Goodwin has also voice acted on TV series like Robot Chicken and Spongebob Squarepants. I mean, really everything that's going into my body is pretty pure.After spending time with the rescued turkeys at Farm Sanctuary's shelter and seeing how similar they are to my furry companion animals at home, I knew I needed to do everything in my power to protect these friendly and curious birds from the daily pain and suffering they endure on factory farms. I made some friends at Listerine and they taught me a little bit about oral care.I am much more open to plural marriage than I was before, and I now support it in certain situations. But our example in America today is gross abuse - I can't support it in fundamentalist compounds. That half of adults suffer from oral disease, that the number one chronic disease among children is oral disease, that we're only taking care of 25% of our mouths when brushing alone and there are more germs in your mouth than there are people on the planet.co-stars, who play Snow White and Prince Charming on the ABC series, tied the knot Saturday in a sunset ceremony in the Los Angeles area, E! See more celebrity wedding news Only about 30 close friends and family members attended the event.

"They were surrounded by their nearest and dearest friends and kept it very intimate and simple," a source tells E! Goodwin, 35, and Dallas, 32, got engaged last October after dating for more than a year.You've got some issues, so you should probably stay home and work on those issues, and not distract everyone with lights, and sounds, oh my gosh, the tapping on the screens, it makes me crazy!Sometimes I make very selfish choices like I did 'Once Upon A Time' for my inner 8-year-old and my hypothetical future child.I would point out that I'm an actress for a reason!If I were popular in high school, I would have considered another career because I wouldn't have been alone in my room, making up other characters for myself. The popular kids didn't want anything to do with the girl who was starting the drama club.After two years of dating, Goodwin became engaged to actor Joey Kern in December 2010. Goodwin subsequently began dating her Once Upon a Time co-star Josh Dallas in fall 2011.[17] The couple became engaged on October 9, 2013, and on November 20, 2013, announced that they are expecting their first child.