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TVGuide.com: House has been so busy with his candidates, we haven't gotten as much of Cuddy lately. Lisa Edelstein: It's still pretty much focused on the new team, and it just starts becoming more of the regular construction of the episodes after Episode 9 [airing Nov. Edelstein: I'm all for Cuddy having sex sometime this season, so honk if you want to see my boobs. They don't really tell me anything — they don't want me to get attached to any ideas that might be floating around the writers' room.TVGuide.com: It's been hinted in the past that there's some kind of sordid history between Cuddy and House. Yes, there have been ideas tossed around — but I have no idea what actually will or will not happen.

After staying 6 years together they decided to end their relation so got divorced. Years after the divorce, Thompson married for the second time with Greg Wise in 2013. Previously, she dated actor Hugh Laurie but separated soon. Emma Thompson was born on 15th April 1959 in London, United Kingdom. Thompson moreover attended Camden School for Girls and later joined the University of Cambridge. Their daughter Gaia Romilly Wise was born in 1999 whereas their son Tindyebwa Agaba was adopted.It is a process of great editing down to get that humor on the air without getting sued.TVGuide.com: Cuddy is not your typical hospital administrator.For one thing, she wears some pretty tight-fitting, low-cut outfits.

Which you look great in — but do you think it's inappropriate for her position? She doesn't care what people say — she doesn't care how many fans of the show don't like her outfits. She's a television character, and I'm an actress playing a hospital administrator, and I don't want to be in frumpy clothes. TVGuide.com: She's fascinating: so strong and authoritative, yet so flawed....Somebody said that sometimes when women have a lot of miscarriages, they go on the pill to try to regulate their ovulation. Has there been any awkwardness on set between Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer since their engagement ended?TVGuide.com: Cuddy's surrounded by all these handsome, available men. Edelstein: They have not had any weirdness on set; they've always been incredibly professional.Stephen Fry, a great friend of Laurie, tells the Standard “He’s a remarkable man to know. These plans were eventually cancelled “due to some unknown reasons,” writes Frost Snow.In 2012, Laurie was able to move back to the UK, where he was reunited with his wife and kids.Furthermore, he and Green were “very attached to the great education in the UK.”When asked by The Daily Mail if he spent more time on set than at home, Laurie said, “I wouldn’t say that doing the series has made my marriage easier. I don’t know about that either.” In a 2001 interview with the Evening Standard, Laurie discussed his struggle with depression, and how that affected his wife and children.