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I spent seven months on the [Jekyll and Hyde] tour and at the end of that we decided that this can’t happen again. MH: [Laughs.] But it’s just really great to be onstage with him all the time. Do you ever look over and think, “Damn, that’s my husband! What’s great is that our shows are very conversational. BG: We were supposed to fly out the day before, but there was a huge storm and our flight got canceled.

Our business is very difficult to exist in without going out of town a lot—even Broadway shows typically do an out-of-town tryout—so by doing the writing, or playing one-nighters, or selling albums, I’m sort of able to be wherever Megan is, and we play shows together all the time. It’s been so great, not only to be able to be with each other, but to be able to make music together. All of our shows feel—at least we hope they feel—like you’re in our living room. It legitimately feels like we’re just hanging out onstage. It looked like we were going to have to cancel the show, but they sent a private plane to Charlotte to pick us up. MH: We do a cover of “Suddenly Seymour,” and I think that’s my favorite song that we sing.

I hope that doesn’t sound weird, but if you wake up in the middle of the night it’s nice because the other person is sort of there, snoring on the other end. BG: Since Jekyll and Hyde closed I’ve mostly just been writing music and playing guitar.

I’m in the middle of recording my next album [out this summer], which is a concept album kind of thing. BG: You can say that, but please acknowledge that we both acknowledge that it’s corny.

Megan Hilty: We might be the first [A Fine Showmance] couple who didn’t actually work together before we started dating. I think she actually took my phone and put her phone number in it. It was a really busy time for Megan when you met since Smash just started to air.

Brian, had you heard of Megan before you had met her? That first night went so well and we had such a good time that I didn’t want to Google her and see how much she out-credited me.

MH: Yeah, I missed him…Did you guys see each other a lot when Brian went on tour with Jekyll and Hyde? I probably shouldn’t have because we were filming Smash at the time, and he came home on almost all of the Mondays.

At that point we just didn’t want to be away from each other.BG: I had only heard her name before in the same way that you hear all sorts of people’s names. I didn’t want to be intimidated next time we were together shootin’ the s***.That first night at the bar a couple people approached her and asked about Smash. How did your relationship progress when Brian left?That was the first time I met people my age who loved singing, dancing, and listening to cast albums. This isn’t gonna be so bad.’ You’re saving the day, essentially.”national tour of “Wicked” in San Francisco and the first run of the musical in Los Angeles.I feel like my world was opened up.”landed the role as Idina Menzel’s standby for “Wicked” the next year. I did realize there were a few times I would go on—especially after (Menzel) won the Tony—I could feel the energy of the audience that they were disappointed that she wasn’t there, of course. “It makes me feel good that people remember me as Elphaba and that they’re still talking about it, because it was quite a long time ago.When Gallagher met Hilty in 2012—just before departing on the Jekyll and Hyde tour—he had no idea that she was currently starring as the Marilyn Monroe-wannabe, Ivy, in Smash, or that she had played Dolly Parton’s character in the musical version of 9 to 5 and Glinda in Wicked.