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In fact, many celebrities that we know today like Seth Green, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Leonardo Di Caprio, and more got their start by starring in commercials and getting the exposure that they needed to make it big.Of course, there are always celebrities and athletes making appearances in commercials, contributing their talents - or just their names and faces - to a product.From the instant fame gained by their work in an iconic advertising campaign, some actors have been able to make a good living that rivals some mainstream celebrity lifestyles.

In fact, she was only booking about one commercial a year.

But she was shot into the advertising industry limelight in 2008 when Progressive Insurance decided to cast her as “Flo”, with the angle that car insurance can be a pleasant shopping experience if there’s a good sales girl on hand.

Commercials, once just the reserve of our radios, billboards and TVs, have now extended on to our phones and desktops, podcasts and streaming videos... When it comes to making it big as an actor in Hollywood, hopefuls quickly learn that it’s a very tough business to break into - and adverts are rarely a 'big break'.

Daily, we are exposed to literally hundreds of adverts and the models and actors in them. When an actor is first starting out, the first thing they're likely to do is get an agent so they can get in on as many big auditions as possible.

When Stephanie Courtney first arrived in Los Angeles, she was there to make it big as a stand-up comedian.

She became a member of the group The Groundlings (and is still a senior member today), and was auditioning for commercials around town, but was finding very little success.

In the meantime, until the fame and fortune starts paying the bills these aspiring actors are usually working day and night jobs while taking classes and making contacts.

While making it on a television show or starring in a film may be the ultimate goal, many actors pay the bills by booking commercials.

Him 'mayhem' demonstrates the consequences of drivers who have insurance plans with other companies and lose benefits because they didn’t want to pay too much.

Before he stepped into the role of Mayhem in 2010, Winters made numerous guest appearances in television shows such as “Oz”, “30 Rock”, “Law & Order: SVU”, “Sex and the City”, just to name a few.

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