Who is george stroumboulopoulos dating

She practically admitted it and he just let the statement float by without pouncing on it (la la la… If you want to watch the whole interview, you can view it here: He mentioned the next day after receiving email about it that he wasn’t going to ask because he wouldn’t ask a man. Yes, I know it happens all the time, and I know that you shouldn’t judge someone until you’ve walked a day in her shoes, but she is one of the most powerful women in Canada and is supposed to be a role model for young women. I seriously don’t care about whom Belinda is dating, but could she not wait to go out in public with him until the separation papers were filed? It may seem unfair, but that’s part of what you get when you sign up for the job. I think George was going easy on her specifically because she is a woman and a newbie at politics. Doesn’t he realize that it’s more insulting to treat someone with kid gloves than it is to give them a place at the grown-ups’ table and let them take their lumps like everyone else?id=1075 One of the points George made is that everyone is concerned about her personal life (i.e. Maybe Belinda doesn’t mind being babied because she’s a woman and a newbie, but it bothers me.) and like a good little Canadian, I’ve been watching it. However, as a woman, I’d like to know why he didn’t ask her why she thinks it’s okay to commit adultery.

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You’d never guess that she lives at the centre of a tempest of activity.In a couple hours she’s meeting with LCBO to discuss opportunities for a new client — a super-premium tequila that’s making its Canadian debut.When possible I linked their name to their own web page and you can check out their tour schedule.If you've noticed HGTV's Jonathan Scott seems to have an extra bounce in his step lately, there's a reason: the Property Brothers star has a girlfriend. And yes, this means that Property Brothers are off the market.My job is not to run a dressing-room; that's the coach's job.

My job is to connect people to the players they love, and there's lots of ways we can do that.Floor-to-ceiling glass windows that lead to the backyard pool contrast with the cobblestone driveway and red-brick facade.The clean lines and smooth, glossy surfaces of her kitchen receive a shot of life from elegant, homey desserts: vivid macaroons, marshmallow concoctions and chocolate tarts. Anytime they have personality, the press generally jumps on them. I think we've spent a lot of time in Canada beating the personality out of players.“My little niece always says, ‘It’s like a hotel here,’” Koifman explains.