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Recently, I have been wondering if I have been a Christian too long.

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This statistic should cause us to re-evaluate what we are doing in our weekly children, student, and adult environments. Here are three key questions that I have learned to ask: *Is the physical ENVIRONMENT appealing to your target audience?

*Is the CONTENT that you are presenting perceived as helpful to your target audience?

by Troy University, head toward Charles Henderson High School.

Take a right on Elm St., Turn left on Butter and Egg Road, and keep going until you see a water tower on your right, and after you pass the water tower take the first dirt road to the right and we are the fifth house on the right.

You see, the false information that I gave you would lead you to make poor decisions, that would not get you to your desired destination.

Lies can lead us to places that we never intended to go. Decisions that cause us tremendous amounts of embarrassment, guilt, pain, shame, and regret.It is possible that I’ve forgotten what it is like to struggle with the issues of life, death, and eternity.It is possible that I have forgetten what it is like for someone who shows up at church on Sunday for the first time. Simply because I believe that the church is here to help people take the next step in their relationship with Jesus.That is why it is so important for you to surround yourself with people that you can trust and that tell the truth.But despite how careful you are in your relationships, there will always be one person in your life that will lie to you.But what does this statistic say about the weekly ministry environments that our churches create?