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There's meeting your girlfriends' Dad – which is scary enough – and then there's meeting your girlfriends' Dad who used to be President of the United States and has almost definitely done a background check on you.He probably didn't breathe out the whole time.According to people who went to school with Rory, he was popular and fancied by pretty much everyone.

His mother, Catherine, is a qualified accountant, reports The Sun.

Their wealth has allowed them to live in a .2 million six-bedroom home in Woodbridge, Suffolk.

But Malia and Rory were pictured at brunch yesterday with Rory's father and brother.

Given this, and the fact they've been dating for two years, we can pretty much assume he's been introduced to Malia's fam.

They were also recently spotted out and about in New York City, enjoying a walk.

Photos were captured of them smiling, laughing, and just enjoying each other’s company.

Another person who went to school with Rory told The Tab: "Overall he was a pretty good guy. There really isn't anything bad to say about him!

" Malia and Rory both started at Harvard in 2017, meaning they'll be going into their final year of study this September.

Malia’s new love interest has an interesting link to the British royal family.

Daily Mail reports he is the cousin of the Queen’s former aide, Andrew Farquharson.

De família tradicional, o rapaz de 19 anos a levou para almoçar na casa deles e no fim do dia os dois seguiram de lá para jantar no badalado restaurante C London. #Glamurama #Joyce Pascowitch #revistajp #revistapoder A post shared by Glamurama (@glamurama) on They were spotted kissing at a Harvard v Yale American football game in November 2017 which is suspected to be when they first started dating.