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Mica will draw upon music from her previous albums as well as tracks from 2005's 'Soul Classics' which cemented her reputation as one of the finest soul vocalists to have emerged this side of the Atlantic.

Reality TV tells us it’s easy to become a star these days.

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All they cared about was getting a kid to get a flat and I was running the other way.I was like ‘no, there’s got to be more to life that just signing on’.“I was one of those mad kids I guess that just didn’t want the same as everyone else. I feel like my role of Miss Sherman, telling kids who come to me for advice in real life, what to do,” says Mica who’s treaded the boards of the West End and appeared in countless TV dramas.“This show isn’t the reality version of fame we’re getting at the moment on TV. She’s a passionate teacher and there aren’t many of those left these days.” Mica considers herself something of an ambassador, a guide for those hoping to follow in her footsteps.“I’ve been in the industry 30 years...She grew up singing in her grandparents’ church and by her mid-teens was making regular appearances with The Spirit of Watts gospel choir, with whom she featured on the 1985 EP Gospel Joy.“I think as you get older you become less afraid of being afraid.My whole life has been pushing through fear, not allowing it to control me.I say don’t do it if you’re not passionate about it because it’s not always that you’re going to be doing well, there’s going to be times when no-one gives a s*** about you.

Do this because you love it.”That tough love extends to her daughters, who are 27 and 12.“At one point the eldest one, bless her, wanted to do it. She was in it (the business) for five minutes and was like ‘no mum, I don’t like it’,” laughs Mica.Prince then arranged for her to fly out to Minneapolis, to Paisley Park.“He came at four in the morning, opened the vault and said ‘I want you to listen, I want you to think about this’.I’m like how can you not like any of it, you’re f****** Prince for God’s sake. when you actually see it, all the emotional ups and downs…I’m spiritual but I’m not religious, but the core thing there was the probably the most important thing an artist must learn - that the gift is not for yourself, it’s for others.”At 17 Mica got her first break as a backing vocalist with Hollywood Beyond, appearing on their album If.Aged 19 she released her debut platinum-selling album So Good with 4th and Broadway Records, going on to release six more chart topping albums.Then he said ‘sing Just My Imagination’.”A fan, Mica knew the song so well but couldn’t remember the words. and held the just really long because she couldn’t remember the rest.“People went mental, he went mental and then he started playing his guitar. He called me at the Sunset Marquis Hotel at like eight in the morning.