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The family of Sherry also includes her siblings: Amanda Holmes (sister) and Mike Holmes Jr. Sherry grew up with a thought that she didn't want a career but just wanted to collect enough money to travel.She indeed used to get bored doing the same thing and was always random regarding her work.

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will be leaving the Crew to start up his own contracting business.

Thanks Damon for all of your hard work making it right. You all can keep in touch with Damon on facebook at the link below.

Thank you for being my support, my friends and my kick in the butt when I needed it.

And last, but not least, my two right hand guys, my crew chief's, Carl Pavlovich & Adam Belanger, I couldn't have done it without you.

I've had the opportunity to build an earthquake proof home, a hurricane proof home, I went on a cross canada tour fixing homes from one end to the other, and I even recently built a castle.

I would also like to thank my Make It Right crew, past & present, for working tirelessly along side me for all of those years, always giving 110%.Although they have not yet married, they seem to be going strong with their wedding preparations.According to the post in the Instagram, they are getting hitched pretty soon.It wouldn't have been the same adventure without you guys.I will never forget all the excellent tradespeople I have met & worked with, thanks to all of you as well, I couldn't have completed any of those jobs without all if your superb skills & tireless contributions.And now, the next step in their relationship that is awaiting is its escalation.