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Influenced heavily by Bob Dylan and rappers like Kanye, 2 Chainz, Jay Z and Drake, Heaton has shaped the way she presents her music just by listening to the standouts that have come before her."If I was pretending to be Ariana Grande or Iggy Azalea, people would call me out.

People believe in who I am, that's why they f*ck with me because I'm not trying to be somebody I'm not," she explains. She had an even tougher childhood after dealing with the death of a sibling at a very young age. Her loss turned her into an outcast, but also taught her a valuable lesson.

So, if I'm wearing a bikini, it's because I've been wearing the same suit for a whole week. I'm not going to put on a turtleneck just to make people less thirsty," she says. Niykee adds that Instagram has become a valuable tool: Instagram is my favorite social network because people react visually. The fact that it debuted on i Tunes and got to number six on the charts blew my mind.So maybe I'll post a pic of me looking really hot, but next I'll share a picture of me sitting on my bed playing a Bob Dylan song. Up next, Heaton is hoping to embark on a tour around the country so she can better connect with her fans."I had to raise myself from age 5, that's always made me very isolated but also very independent."She adds, Today, Heaton's hard exterior has strengthened her to be confident in the music she releases, but also strong enough to shake off the haters."Do you know what a thirst trap is? "Yes, I've been called that many, many times," she reveals.But when asked if she agrees with that people may be calling her, Heaton responds, "No.""I post pictures about what I'm doing and what my life is about.Niykee Heaton was born Nicolet Aleta Heaton on December 4, 1994, in Chicago, Illinois.

Niykee has always wanted to be a musician and wrote her first song at the age of five.Likewise, she began uploading her recordings on You Tube from 2011.Furthermore, her cover of Chief Keef’s ‘Love Sosa’ was featured on the website World Star Hip Hop.It topped the Billboard Twitter Trending 140 chart and reached the top ten in the United States i Tunes Store on the day of its release.Critics sometimes say that Niykee’s social media presence overshadows her music but she is unabashed about her beauty and sensual body and rhetorically asks if they think she should put on a turtleneck just to make a point.She's determined to let the world know that she's competent as a composer and as a singer.