Who is the rockstar liz jones is dating

After leaving college, she began to work for Company in 1981, initially as a sub-editor, eventually becoming a staff writer before leaving to go freelance in 1986.

In 1989, she began an 11-year stint at The Sunday Times Magazine, becoming deputy editor of their "Style" magazine in 1998.

Even if they only ever met in a graveyard at midnight I'd expect the game would be up by now. no no no it just can't be how can i ever listen to led zeppelin again in the same way, i just refuse to beleive this is possible.

She began her career as a fashion journalist, but her work has broadened into confessional writing. While she has gained positive responses, a "beautifully natural writer, as well as a funny one" according to Deborah Ross in The Independent, Jones studied journalism at the London College of Printing.

ajandjjmum Mon 01-Aug-11 "I know I shouldn't read it, but........yesterday's column she said that people were looking at them together as they were at this festival.

Surely someone would have spilt the beans if it really happened."....

I'm sure it is Jim Kerr, I cross referenced when she said she'd got festival invites etc (yes, yes, get a life symbol here)Cruella I was in hysterics at the thought of the headlines "Elderly Rock Star Released from Too-small Pub Window with the Aid of a Large Quantity Of Butter" etc Challenge - write this headline in tabloid style!

She's been with this supposed RS boyfriend a while now.

She has continued to write about the fashion industry.

In July 2013, Decca Aitkenhead wrote that "no one deconstructs its futile, psychologically destructive false promises more forensically than Jones – and in a mass market tabloid at that". I've been barred from Armani, Louis Vuitton, Chloe, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Victoria Beckham..." In June 2012, she attracted attention by slating Holly Willoughby for posting a photo of herself on Twitter without makeup as a "betrayal to women".

I decline to believe that he has gone back for more, her current squeeze must be some other rock star.

Do you think the RS bf knows he's being written about? I have long suspected that the RS boyfriend is a working of her feverish imagination, tbh. If they've been dating for this long, someone would have spotted them and dobbed them in by now?

rhonacorona Sun 31-Jul-11 I meet Kerr in a London hotel ....."In what way is this possibly the faintest tenuous link of EVIDENCE?